I Crave You, My Chocolate Dip

Trigger Warning: sexually explicit  
I crave you, my chocolate dip,

I tease your tip; Waltzing on the diameter of your

muscular whip;

congo–hard, in a continuous

rhythmic strum until

I`m momentarily numb.

The thickness of your oval shaped lips, tongue-lashing me

sweet-n-low; top kisses thousands

in a row; deep, penetration,

a solid treat.

You are moving my earth,

seeding my tilted chasm tailor

made for you, so that

I`m inhaling you,prone & aerial.

now riding,

gliding,and sliding your mass;

steam dancing across your depth

congo–hard, in a continuous

rhythmic strum until I`m

momentarily numb.

Echoes of ourcombined drips,the chatting & chantingof my cl#t; breaking

the focus of

our synchronization.

Tasting you, as you taste me, cleansing the glaze of my

cinnamon soupe dujour

formed on your succulent

landscaped lips with a single balanced lick.

There are no restrictions no violations; just raw primal emotions.

Delirious because,my love you did not discard as you charted a voyage through my hallow ground,

unearthing my volcanic flow,

boiling into an eruption, a tumultuous overflow.

Our viscous malt binding us.

You are in the thick of it.

My enclave is a slave toyour vocals; your whispers;your pleasurable mandingo scent;

your brisk strides; this

sultry sensual torment….

Ahhhh you are fulfilling,

chilling, and my blood

is reeling.


I crave you chocolate dip,

with every swerve of my hips,

and movement of your fingertip

as we unfold in a targeted role,

not calculated, not orchestrated, perhaps belated, and I`m

completely elated,

laced in your arms,with

our hearts drag racing;

I`m craving you, embracing you,

my chocolate dip.


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3 Comments for “I Crave You, My Chocolate Dip”

  1. Linda Jones Malonson

    Just to be on the safe side of your dissappointment in me as a reader, I read it again … I saw the sex, and this piece has great potential, you know you can do better with the lines, and line breaks. I am old, but I know good poetry and I do see talent. It does not matter that others have praise this piece, folks lie all the time for one reason or the other. Me, I prefer truth and positive feedback. Being old, I looked past the obvious of what was being shared, and looked at how creatively you shared it. Having given birth to 5 children and 17 grandchildren, and being married for 43 years, beleive me when I say, I understand sex and chocolate.

  2. I loved your poem! I must admit I got a tad bit frothy! I began to squirm a few times and had to look around to make sure no one was looking!:) You are a wonderful and talented poet. I pray you continue with your poetry because success has already RSVP’d in your life! Now,I must go and find some Kleenex!

  3. Linda Jones Malonson

    Keep trying and you might make a better poet, as this is not as creative as it could have been, I found this rather redundant.

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