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You are awakened by the screeching sound of that annoying alarm clock by your bed. Your thoughts are to take that clock and throw it against the wall so hard it shatters into a million pieces. You don’t do it because alarm clocks are expensive, and you don’t have the immediate funds right now for another stupid clock. Also, you would realize you need anger management classes and then your job would find out and bring suspicion and rumor to your friends and fellow employees. And they would be afraid of you and label you unstable, which would really lessen your chances of a good recommendation if you decided to go out and seek other employment. Ok!, smashing the clock is not a
good idea, so you hit the snooze and relax…..you got 5 more minutes.

As you lay there you begin to think about your day. Going into the bathroom is a living nightmare because you have to pass the bathroom mirrors and see the body you have corrupted with fried chicken, smothered pork chops, red velvet cake, potato chips, sweet tea, fried fish, McDonalds at least twice a week, coca cola by the gallon, pork cracklings for snacks and not to mention those wonderful alcoholic beverages every weekend. Oh, and I forget, those occasional cigarettes you stick in your mouth and suck like there is no tomorrow. Yep, breath smelling like 12 buffalo testicles after a stampede! Steaming!  Now your thoughts turn towards you job. Damn! Why did you have to go there? You are always on the brink of being late. You hate the people you work with. That’s only because they have been there for thirty years and you see yourself in them. They are always complaining and gossiping about other people. Moreover, your paycheck has been the same for five years and your bills keep growing and gas prices have become the equivalent of a months rent for a one bedroom apartment. Also, someone backed into your car while you were at the club one Saturday night last month and you can’t afford to fix it.  That is making you sick because everyone knows that if they keep seeing you driving that car still dented…….you don’t have any money or insurance to fix it! So exposed!

The possibility of you advancing in you job is simply not going to happen. Your boss can’t stand you, and you only get thirty minutes for lunch, and it takes all of ten minutes to get where you need to obtain your lunch which means you have roughly ten minutes to get back to work and five minutes to eat it. Your nerves are so rattled, because you don’t want to be late, which causes your digestive system to be tied in knots. So, the triple cheese burger and fries you just bought and the coke you just sloshed down sits in your stomach and ferments into a toxic blob and starts occasionally seeping out toxic vapors at work. You look as if its somebody else, but you know it’s you! Smelling like road kill!

You turn over in disgust and mistakenly seep a little toxic vapor out as you land on your side, you smell the outcome, and pray the nightmare will end. You start to realize your life stinks and if you could have yet another chance to make it right, you would. You start to realize, you don’t really feel good. At this time you have forgotten what feeling good really feels like. You don’t have a clue. You have been feeling so bad for so long it has become your normal, and you have continued to feed your feel bad as if it was your feel good. So confused ! So lost!

You now are aware you are sick. Truly sick. Your body, your mind and your soul is just ill. Now you are faced with what to do. Going to the doctor is out of the question. Been there done that. All your vital signs are good according to the doctor. He’s waiting for you to come in with something worth his while, like stomach cancer or artery blockage or rectal bleeding or some kind of diabetes complication. Don’t get me wrong, he’s glad to see YOU, because he knows your cooking up a cocktail inside of you that is going to bring him everything he needs. Then he will pump you full of toxic medications that will have the side effects, that are worse then your symptoms, that will bring him all the disease he needs. Everyday the hospitals are filled to the brim. You now realize hospitals and doctors and pharmaceutical companies are literally making a killing off of people like you. But your paycheck remains the same. The only killing you are going to make ….. Is The Killing Of You!

You turn back over reeling in disgust. Your mind then goes to the bills looming over you. The visa bill is at its max. You placed it in the back of all your other cards in your wallet. You are hoping it disappears. Your’re hoping the company forgot you. You now realize that what ever you bought with that card from hell you really didn’t need. Just because there was room on that card, you had to spend it. You just had to have that new phone you saw on television with the cute voice that talks to you. Doing that set you back several hundred dollars. Or the pair of shoes you saw in the window at Macy’s to add to the other sixty you already possess in your closet. How about the time you went to dinner
with friends and you wanted to be the man or the woman that night and volunteered to pay for everyone’s dinner that night. The card came back declined and you had to leave and go the ATM and there you find that the bill is 85.00 and your balance is 100.00. Now you are feeling that toxic blob rising again and you rush to the restroom anticipating a violent eruption. Sorry, nothing happens! Your internal plumbing is clogged and you don’t get paid for another ten days. You just sit there head in your hands wondering what in the hell are you going to do for the next ten days…..you are broke and constipated. The worst! So into depression!

Stop! Hold everything! It’s gonna be alright! You have just reached your destination…..the bottom! You probably think this is the worst thing possible. But, in fact, it’s the best thing for you. Because now you have only up to look forward to. And that is all you have really been waiting for. That things start looking up, right? Well, there ya go! Your now on the way up! So positive! So exciting! You have now recognized your problems and in doing so you can begin to fix them . Here are a few steps to feeling good again:

1. Get up

2. Look in the mirror and see yourself as you want to be, not how you are.

3. Say to yourself, “My life changes today, today I start to feel good, today I start to love myself. Today I choose life!”

4. Take the day off

5. Take a shower or bath and envision you are cleansing yourself of all toxins off your

6. Now visualize you are glowing . Feel the joy of your cleansing

7. Put on some instrumental music to set a calm vibe. So important! Now you are cleansing the mind

8. Beginning with your bedroom clean your house or apartment from the top to the bottom. If its cluttered and in disarray , get it organized. Don’t cheat! Make it spotless. A clean and uncluttered environment begets a clean and uncluttered mind

9. After you finish, sit in one of the rooms and just feel the cleansed house or apartment for a few minutes. Enjoy the clean smell, the clean look. Just sit and feel the clean you and the clean house. Let your music comfort you with peace. Don’t worry about nothing now, just feel the peace. Everything you always worry about will still be there, but now it is all about you and your peace in this moment.

10. Now instead of that cup of coffee you always have in the morning, get yourself a cup of hot water and put some lemon in it and sit back down and sip it slowly. You are now beginning to release the toxins in your body. The combination hot water and lemons creates a chemical reaction that makes the body release those toxins and by providing you with the following benefits: A. Boosts your immune system B. Balances your ph C. Aids in digestion D. It’s a diuretic E. Clears the skin F. Freshens the breath G. Helps you lose weight. The list goes on an on. Go online and discover all the wonderful benefits of hot lemon water

11. Try to eliminate all the negative people in your life that is draining you with their negativity. Keep positive people around to build a positive space around you.

12.Get in as much fiber as you can to eliminate that toxic blob in you. There are various ways to cause good eliminations. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables are one and various over the counter laxatives are another. Make sure you do your research on what’s best for you. And if you have a doctor, make sure you consult him.

13. Go outside as much as possible. Feel your connection again with nature. Like a fish is to water you are with nature, it nourishes you and sustains you… know this and begin your healing

14. Eat fresh foods and vegetables. Invest in your diet. Your diet is the difference between life and death. For thousands of years it has always been said, “You are what you eat!” So, make sure what you eat, such as your vegetables, are vibrant in color and bursting with life. Do not eat to much meat, keep it to a minimum. Have  plenty of nuts, berries and fruits and start your body feeling the way it was intended to feel…….Good! And most of all drink plenty of fresh water everyday. Your body is made up of roughly 70 percent water. There must be a good reason for this. So keep it hydrated!

All of these things mentioned above celebrates our life force. It makes us feel really good and most importantly, helps our mind and body perform optimally. Remember, we are the Human…Being! We are the spirit in the machine called….. the body. For the soul to experience feeling good, the body must first feel good and so it must be nourished. Like a garden needs good food and nutrition to yield a bountiful harvest, so does our body to live a bountiful life.

Finally, love yourself with all your heart, saying everyday, “I love you”. Let those words sink into your soul and watch your life begin to change. Know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and recapture the power of creation and begin to create your world as you see it !

Live free, live well, and love thyself with all thy heart. You are God’s greatest creation! Reflect that Glory!Your friend in life!

Christopher B!



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  1. Thank you so much Tasha for taking your precious time out to read what’s on my mind this week! I so appreciate that!

    Remain forever peaceful Tasha,

    Christopher B!

  2. This article cracks me up because it certainly reminds me of how delapidated I had allowed my temple/body to get.  I changed my ways drasticillay a few years back after a medical scare and I now feel great! Good tips.

  3. I’m sorry to learn you are having difficulty.  I have tried it on my pc and can enlarge and see the article clearly.  If you like I can email you a pdf copy.
    Lisa T. 
    FeSaad Admin Staff

  4. Linda Jones Malonson

    I tried to read this articles but the print is too small and when I attempt to make it large it is too blurry. Where is the orginal article?

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