Slick Citibank Agrees to Settlement In Charging Military Members Excessive Interest Rates

Citibank NA has agreed to pay $2.3 million to settle a proposed class action claiming it charged excessive interest on student loans made to members of the armed forces. We have a history of screwing those that fight for your country though they EARN very little doing so.

This is yet another ‘finger in your face’ greed factor in the unfair and unbalanced US business model. The flavor of the day just happens to be the war hero, or everyday soldier whose ‘mind is some place else’…oh yeah, on not getting their face blown off….   Why screw those who sacrifice to ensure you don’t find your business in a war zone? Now, these soldiers  must  protect themselves on the home front as well as in the field or war zone.
This is nothing short of predatory lending and a 2.3 million settlement isn’t nary enough to send a clear message to these culprits, especially since they are only attempting to rectify the matter under the weight of legal action.

Now that they have been exposed for the Shiti bank they are,  consumers should collectively blow this shark tank  out of the water by selecting a Quit Shiti Citi Day, synchronizing their watches and clicking a resounding CANCEL ACCOUNT that will reverberate like a thunder clap.

There is a saying, “Out with the old and in with the new.”  There is just as much a reason for the saying as the naturalness of “shedding old skin…” For such reasons and more,  I was then, and still remain suspect whenever I hear the  term, ‘stimulus’ or government bailouts.  We should have allowed each ROME as it were, to fall and the walls of corporate greed to crumble.  Rebuilding would come, but at the hands of those with a core eagerness to succeed and generate ‘new money’ and in reshaping a nation after the rich have been culled and shielded against the masses of the shrinking middle class.

But, instead of impeaching the financial powers, and greed mongers.. we fed them.  For that, we were rewarded with yet another ‘finger in the face’ dose of reality when bailouts never reached the everyday Jo..for his small business loan, or refinance.  We elected the folks who threw good money after bad, only to finance hefty retirement plans for the CEO’s, CFO, COO, CTO,  SOMO’s  (SEE ONLY MONEY O)s …and here we are.

Here is where you listen to Maya Angelou when she shares, “People will show you who they are”. If you know where to look you might be familiar with the term, “The last will be first, and the first will be last.” This should be the natural process of things. So, next time, allow the  great dynasties of financial institutions, car makers, and others who have already reaped generational incomes….. to FALL.  It is then and only then that someone who WAS LAST could use those same funds to start the journey to becoming FIRST.  After all, who wants yet another financial giant bilking American citizens out of their hard earned cash, especially those off to war fighting for their lives, and who are less likely to notice the scheming scalawags feasting gluttonously on the fabric of America… skimming off the top, bottom and every crevice in between..

As egregious as Citi Bank’s actions are, your inactions are far more detrimental to you and the next consumer. If you continue to bank with Shiti Chiti Bank, you are an enabler, you are complacent, you are actively passively working against the 99%… You are in fact, the common denominator of the problem.  

Quiet Hostility-


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2 Comments for “Slick Citibank Agrees to Settlement In Charging Military Members Excessive Interest Rates”

  1. I’m not a veteran, but as a consumer, I think Citi bank’s actions crossed the line. We know these banks are unethical. I cosled my account with Bank America when they started thalking about the 5.00 fee and joined a credit union.  There might be issues there, but I don’t stick around when I know I’m standing under an umbrella with holes in it. Well writtern article. I concur .

  2. This article should be read by millions. I just hate it when our men and women risk their precious lives to protect us, and we as a country reward and treat them like they are some 4th class citizen. My father spent 25years in the Air Force. I know the sacrifice. But, put a ball in a person hands and he places the ball in some basket or hole….and we see him or her as a God and pay them a gazillion dollars. It just doesn’t make good sense. For the men and women in uniform…I salute you! Becareful out there! We love you!

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