“The UnSimple Truth”, by Author J. Renee’ LaCour is Upon Us…

….and we are wowed! Step inside of  our February Book of the Month read, “The UnSimple Truth” and meet some folks you won’t necessarily like and some you’ll simply love and adore.  LaCour’s complex characters leap off of the page with moments of unbridled pain and equal stints of significant clarity. Readers can be prepared to experience a bit of turbulence from this offering which is certain to draw on a flood of emotions from nerve striking to feelings of uncomfortableness.

The book selection is filled with fun, fantasy, hauteness and even primal ‘hotness’.  With skilled foreshadowing and a talent for storytelling, J. Renee LaCour has given us a very combustible read that boldly tackles one taboo after another, from varying captivating perceptions.  Without attempting to overkill the story with countless sub plots that serve only to weigh down stories as some new to the literary world have done,  here we get a sufficient amount of relateable, yet unpredictable twists.

“The UnSimple Truth” is a juicy, romantic, yet cautionary tale that boasts characters that will stay with you long after the book ends, and have you craving for a sequel to reunite with these colorful characters, such as main character Jordan who is ‘Happily paired with Mr. Right’, marketing exec, Kevin. She is slow to come to terms with her ‘questionable’ feelings….for someone new in her life. However, an unforeseeable bombshell called ‘chemistry’ ignites  aphrodisiactic plum over the characters and the story races ahead at a frenetic pace. A common theme throughout is “chemistry,” which also sets the momentum of this storyline with an urgent suspense and anticipation of what’s to come.

The style in which the author lays out the build up keeps readers turning pages.  Leslie, Jordan’s confidant, a  strong, standout personality who happens to be in an open marriage is brazenly honest and carries this story well. She meets life head-on and quickly became a character favorite.  Additionally,  another very interesting character Evan, a hotel concierge oozes with sexiness. He struggles with his sexuality, stemming  from several ‘very telling’ incidents from his youth. His character provides us with an insight to how decisions can teeter at the border of curiosity and end up becoming ones reality… At the same time, it prompts us think about the born gay and ‘gay choice’ question without being preachy or suggesting a definitive answer. I won’t say more to avoid spoilers. But, I will say that J. Renee writes excellently from a males’ point of view, an accomplishment some seasoned, best read authors of the opposite sex  never quite master.

I recommend this title to readers ready to step outside of their comfort zone of ‘formula books’ and delve into an exciting read that has subtle  messages of tolerance, love, betrayal, fortitude and forgiveness. Take the journey in “The UnSimple Truth”.

About the UnSimple Truth &  Breakout Author, J. Renee’ LaCour

“With “The UnSimple Truth” , I suspect J. Renee’ LaCour has substantially raised the bar for embarking on becoming a new novelist!  ‘Lady Whitt’ Co-host, Tha1Radio  Morning Show

The time has arrived!   J. Renee’ LaCour steps onto the writing scene with a bold look at relationships, sexual fluidity, and intimacy in “The Unsimple Truth.”

This daring new author shares incredible insights into a world where the truth is hard to find…..and yet, that very truth holds the key to personal freedom.

Her characters Jordan, Leslie, Kevin, Daphne, Evan and Sandra struggle with intimate encounters based upon chemistry, feelings and raw human needs…only to discover that whether they are single, married, straight, bi-sexual or gay…the time comes when one must face what’s real — or deny it.    Their choices lead to one heck of a rollercoaster ride in The Unsimple Truth.

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FeSaad Mag book Club. (BOM Feb 2012-“The UnSimple Truth”)

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