Pastor Zachary Tims Dead

Pastor Zackery Tims and Ex Wife Riva

Reports have surfaced of the death of embattled Pastor Zachary Tims in New York.  Dr.Agustin Perez (Apostle A A Perez) reported the death a short while ago. Tims built a church dynasty New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) from a strip mall, with then wife  Dr. Riva Tims.    Tims had  publicly  admitted that he had an affair with an excotic dancer he met in a hotel ballroom while in Paris.  A long distance relationship stemmed from that meeting.  Later she stripper Judy Nyugen, then 38, claimed Tims, had  “numerous adulterous affairs”, cheating on her as well. According to the reports, Tims publicly asked for forgiveness and patience from the community, while he and his wife deal with what he called a “difficult situation”, though the marriage ultimatedly ended in divorce after Riva filed in 2008 and went on to pursue her own ministry, Majestic Life Institute. The couple had been married for 15 years.

We will update this post as additional details become available.

UPDATED: We have indeed confirmed the death of well-known Pastor Zachery Tims of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka. The New York City Police Department confirmed Tims died on Friday, August 12, 2011. Tims’ body was found in room number 3711 at the W Hotel in New York’s Times Square at approximately 6 p.m.


The New York City Police Department reports Tims was found unresponsive on the floor in the room. Emergency responders pronounced him deceased. The New York City Medical Examiners office is awaiting results of an autopsy.


Tims was found dead in his hotel room in New York, where he was scheduled to preach later. He was 42 and leaves behind four children from his marriage to Dr. Riva Tims, Zoelle, Zachery III, Zahria and Zion.


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  1. I am so saddened by Pastor Zachary Tims death. I must say I was inspired by the man and how beautiful God used him. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on his soul and may he rest in peace.

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  3. It’s time for us to not only ‘talk’ Holiness, but live Holiness. God is not mocked. And for those who say we should not talk against a unholy lifestyle – check yourselves. You’re either preaching Holiness or not. There’s no sitting on the fence when it comes to God’s commandments for holy living. Read Galatians (all of it). What God expected from the Israelites (our examples) is exactly what he expects from anyone who ‘calls’ themselves a christian, which means Christ-like. That’s why they killed God’s messengers throughout the bible, because they spoke truth, not what ppl wanted to hear. The word says that man would rather believe a LIE than the truth. Go on be deceived if you want, but God is sovereign and will expose us if we don’t repent while he extends long-suffering grace and mercy. Galations says “Should we CONTINUE in sin that Grace may abound? GOD FORBID!” In other words, don’t use grace as a license to sin, because eventually the ‘grace period’ will eventually run out, and there’s no recompense for willful sinning. Let’s be real, stop being churched out, and get SOULED out!

  4. Perhaps the fact that the cops are saying they found white powder in his hotel room. This man is not a saint, and yes it is fine to falter, and get back up. Did he? He I have 0 tolerance for false prophets!  Two yrs of adultry and standing before ppl of God..!! He wouldn’t sit down but God sat him down! That goes for me too.. I’m not exempt either and I’m not throwing stones. SMH.

  5. Pray, Pray, Pray, and Pray some more. Let Go and Let God!!!

  6. That’s true!!!! Every deed done in light, darkness will be reveiled!! That’s the true word of God!!! People just Don’t read.

  7. I so agree the pass is the pass, what did that have to do with anything.

  8. What a beautiful couple; I don’t think he could have found anyone in this life time to be so perfect for him

  9. While we are so bitter against Pastor Tims; his wife and children have already forgiven him. Thats y  they recently went on a family vacation to Puerto Rico I think it was

  10. Yes it does hurt the body of Christ in our effort to be fishers of MEN. How when the body stand in the gap and pray one for another rather that critize each others weakness IT GIVE THE DEVIL A BELLY ACHE AND BACK PAIN.  With love like this who wouldnt want to be apart of it. When a sinner man murder someone no matter hoe guilty he is he get support and love thats what keep them stronger than the body of Christ LOVE inspite of 

  11. I was invited to Pastor Tims church on a few occassions and he treated me so well. He sure did put into prospective what Jesus must have felt when Mary washed and anointed his feet with her hair

  12. God do not call perfect people; matter of fact I think God delight in us imperfect people; just so that his perfect will can be made manifest through us. Does that mean we are not going to stumble NO; It simple mean we have an Advocate his name is JESUS. There will be no need for a Savior if we did not have sinners and sinful nature.

  13. Yes we are aware of this; but not because we are not in the public doesnt mean we dont have our own demons that we are dealing with. Its people like you and other that makes it so difficult for leaders to seek help when they need it 

  14. why if a man died they just could not pay tribute or speak of his death they have to dig up his past to speak about his final good bye. do anyone ever let people forget their grief and pain. my lord what happen in 2008 has nothing to do with the man death .may he rest in peace as i live to be a better person and correct my mistakes and past.

  15. My condolences to the Family. 

  16. all have sined and fallen short. my condolences gos out to the family of zachery tims God be with you all Amen                                                                               

  17. We as men and women of GOD should be praying instead of weighing in on what is tryuly a sad event. What has transpired has transpired, it is time that we enlighted both saved and unsaved on how little time we have left here on this earth. We ought to be proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. Those of us that know the word should be interceding for Pastor Tims family, friends , and congregation. Let us all try and be Christ like before we open our mouths on any situation or circumstance. Be Bless My Beloved.

  18. We fall down, but we get back up again.  A “saint is just a sinner who fell down, but got back up again!.  The word of GOD says “those who are WITHOUT sin, cast the first stone”.  Don’t try to take the plank out of someone else’s eye, when you may have a moat in your own.  Pastor Rita, all my condolences and prayers are with you and your family.  GOD bless and keep you!

  19. Well all I can say is “let he without sin cast the first stone” God bless Dr. Tims family, church and all the people that have been helped by his efforts….

  20. Despite all he had to endure? Who was the victim here. You mean all she had to endure. I’m praying for his former wife and kids. However I can already speak from experience that divorce and betryal is like a death. A death of a marriage is almost just as tragic to many a people!

  21. Pastor Tims was a great Preacher but what he privately did is now God’s business to judge.  I don’t put anyone on a pedal stool but God Jesus and the Holy Spirit! No one else leads a perfect flawless sinfree life!   

  22.  It would have made more sense to say stop playing with the Lord’s sheep instead of stop playing with the Lord’s preachers!
    While we’re talking about playing, this is no time to be playing Church at all because it could be your last minute on earth before one meets our Maker! 

  23. When we stand before God we do not get into heaven by our good deeds or own merits. If you do not have Jesus as your Savior it only takes one sin to land in hell.  The bible said our righteousness is like filty rags in the sight of the Lord. The only good thing we have going for us is Jesus and the right-standing with God through what he did for us. If we continue to lead a sinful life on purpose the bible said there is no more forgivess (remission of sin) seeing as how we have crucified the Lord a fresh (all over again).  Don’t be a leader unless you can be a great example just sit and be a member away from the spot light. I fear more Bishop Eddie Long type scandals and this kind of Bad PR hurts our attempts to win the lost cuz they think we are fakes! Very Sad indeed!   

  24. I think I read where Paul the Apostle said our leaders that teach the gospel or held more accountable to God. It is a serious thing to Shephard God’s flock!

  25. All have sinned and fallen short.  And yes we all have messes in our closet but if we are not all preaching the gospel on national television are we?
    Lead by example (Celebrity Preachers) are not at all!

  26. There is no reason to blame anyone whose dirty laundry is aired in public but the person whose actions warrants it.  If you are in the public limelight as a Public Celebrity Pastor on national television what ever you do good or bad will be newsworthy and they should know this going into the celebrity life-style! 

  27. What do you mean digging up dirt? The bible said what is done in the dark will be exposed (the hidden things will be exposed). Anyone that is in the public eye and is a celebrity Christian or preacher should know this!  

  28.  I hope there are no hidden scandals  that will be reported to further defame the body of Christ! I hope he truly walked the true and narrow road after his admission of cheating on his beloved (ex) wife!  I was not that impressed with him but it is still sad news, esp. for one so young!

  29. This is why we all need to be ready because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord! 

  30. Rest in peace pastor Tims you will truly and dearly be missed my condolences go out to your family.And I pray that god will bless and watch over you.

  31. Very sad. It’s not fun losing a loved one. I am prayinf for his ex-wife & their children. I am also prayinf for the members of his church. very sad.

  32. Now is not the time to diging dirt on the paster tim we all has some kindof mess  in our house clean it up first.

  33. riiiiiiiite. i just read online and it talked about all the bad he had done…smh

  34. God created us in his own image hence to know right from wrong which is our concience( The Holy Spirit inside us ). Brethren do not put your faith in no man but God. If you obey God and do His will He will speak to you just like these pastors claim God gives them the power to say what they say.

  35. It is quite sad to me or as the young people would say “jacked up” out of all the Good that pastor Tims done the above article focus on the fralties of the man…Pastor Tims spoke at our Gospel Preaching Explosion earlier this year and touched lives…R I P..My deepest sympathies to the family…I am deeply sadend to hear of this…….. 

  36. this is sad, pastor tims was a great pastor

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